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[Paid] Looking for VFX Artist with experience in UE4

Hi, we are Stardust Collective, a collaboration of UE4 developers, looking to expand our team with an experienced VFX artist.

Our UK based team has been working hard creating Ziggy's Cosmic Adventure, a VR spaceship management game. Think Star Fox mashed up with I Expect You To Die.

What we are looking for:
- You must be well versed in UE4.
- You will be responsible for creating a variety of VFX for multiple assets throughout the game. Explosions, gun lasers, solar flares, asteroid destruction, etc.
- Strong optimization skills required.

The project is paid or revenue share, we are open to discussing options to fit both of our needs.

Please contact us via email @ developer@stardustcollective.dev, or join our Discord Server and reach out to any developer. https://discord.gg/bSpMeJgqys

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