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How should I approach texturing this modular asset?

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Hi and Happy New Year everyone! 
I'm trying to figure out the best approach to plan out the textures and material blending for this environment. The purpose of this project is to refamiliarize myself with the environment production pipeline. 

Here's the main ref for the environment:

Here's a doodle of how I've been tackling the textures and blending so far:

The plan above has been working well

However, what I'm struggling with in particular is how to tackle the pillars in the reference image:

1) There are several pillars in the environment
2) They all have a varied degree of plaster damage and amount of paint
3) They all have a sculpted details on the capital
4) They all have a different fresco painting on them

Here are the approaches I've considered:

Option A:  Unique Unwrap Approach 
Involves unwrapping and sculpting a unique pillar. I can definitely store the fresco paint in UV2 and offset the texture in a material instance for each pillar. The issue here is that I don't know how to control the amount of fresco paint on each pillar or the damage? 

Option B: Hybrid Approach 
Uses (2) materials: the tiling plaster textures used throughout the environment, and a unique sculpt texture for the capital. 
The second UV will be unwrapped to the fresco textures, which can be offset in a material instance.
It will also load an additional texture for the grayscale grunge mask which will control how much of the fresco paint is visible. 

This has me stumped. I'm not even sure my approaches are the most efficient or if they're a bit overcomplicated.

How would you approach this? Is there another method I'm overlooking?

Thanks everyone for your time! 


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