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Horror Game Seeking Concept Artist / Illustrator / 3D Modeler

Looking for - Passionate Horror Fanatics++

Concept artists - Bipedal Humanoids & Creatures
Illustrators - Bipedal Humanoids & Creatures
3D Modelers - Bipedal Humanoids & Creatures

About Me ( And what's currently going on with this game )

Small info about me I work at a AAA game studio. AI Gameplay Programmer.
I've been in game developing for almost a decade and know what is needed for certain pipelines to make this a reality.
I have a lot of knowledge on ( Designing, Tech Designing, UI Programming, AI Programming, Gameplay Programming, Engine Development )
Outside of work, I enjoy working on a pet project that I would love to keep growing.
I hate clichés and games running on repeating ideas. Its like that phrase beating a dead horse.
I am in the process of attempting to revolutionize the horror game genre as a whole.
This has been my current focus with the game design and the infinite coding hours I've put into this.
Not to create just any game but to revolutionize aspects of the horror game genre in ways not seen in any horror game before.
Avoiding feature creeping, and being realistic this is an indie project but not sacrificing quality.
Keeping a focus on making something people would even consider to stop playing because of how afraid they get.


Revshare I'm just one guy living an average life.
Lets make something incredible that will get us amazing funding.
This isn't a project for you to sacrifice your life on, its more of a passion project you can keep adding to as it goes.
This is a project with a beginning, middle and an end goal.

Art Direction

The art direction revolves around humanoids, bipedal creations disembodiment, facial emotion, pain, dread.
Inspiring artists that I've come across that are putting art work similar to what I'm aiming for would be

VEREHIN (@maxverehin) • Instagram photos and videos
OlegVdovenko (@chuvabak_art) • Instagram photos and videos
Alexey Mikhaylov (@arpeich) • Instagram photos and videos

I have a ton more art references just collected as single image pieces as well for those more interested in aiming to help out.

Contact Me

Contact me if you feel you could do horror art similar or great than the ones on those link references.
If you're someone who would like to listen to what I have to say and is curious about what's being developed.
This isn't just some indie dev trying to make a quick rushed half polished game.
I would like to impact the horror game genre.
To bring new life to a genre of games that really needs it.

-- Serious contacts only please --
Please Include a link to reference work (artstation/instagram/website/ext)
Add a reply on the comments section with a link


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