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3D Weapons Modeler @ Black Meridian Interactive

Game Details:
Stand Alone is a Tactical First Person Shooter set in 2008 a fictional Eastern European country with a unique story. Gameplay is based around a risk/reward style including large scale squad battles with highly realistic weapon mechanics and procedural destruction elements.
Much more details upon contacting

Team Details:
We currently have 10 members and are very dedicated to this project. We organize through Trello and use Github for managing source control

- Accurately and efficiently recreate weapons from real life references
- Communicating progress thoroughly
- Capable of responding to deadlines

- Knowledge of texture painting
- In-depth knowledge realistic style modeling
- 2+ Years modeling experience
- Ability to function as part of a team
- Fast responses, good English
- Excellent understanding of preferred modeling software
- Ready portfolio

 + Large bonus if you have worked on a shooter previously
 + Large bonus if you have knowledge of how guns operate

Email: Robinpren.rt@gmail.com
Discord: RunklTookl#6930
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