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How can I tile with precision mappig?

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Hello , My attempt is to segment a huge map of 8192 resolution into 12 or more parts to cover a whole object, I have modeled the object as a single item , I have created the maps and the uvmap is made of 12 portions arrayed in a grid of 16 spaces, the objective is to load a single cut of this mega texture like 2k image into each ID of the model , but despite the procedure is working for me in general , it doesn't in the precision as the seams somehow do not align perfectly and so I get those weird ugly seams ... can someone perhaps poit me to a better system to do what I want to do?

I want the object to be a single item and to have several ID poligons to have different textures to reconstruct the original 8k texture ,
I am using 3dsmax 2017 or eventually I can use 2021 I used substance to bake ttextures and x normal , composed several maps in photoshop , I am only needing 3 textures , diffuse, normal and specular .

Really thankyou for any help !


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