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Looking for 3D character animator in Unity / Maya


We produce audiovisual shows and animations - our website is www.mediacraft.video

We are currently looking for animators to cooperate on upcoming projects.

Right now we need:

- a production of a 6-7 minute animation based on the provided script
- full character motion animation of 7 characters simultaneously - video reference of the movement quality we're looking for: https://youtu.be/kJu8KBldxYg
- no facial expression animation necessary - just the body
- one single scene - top view - without changing camera shots and without any movement of the main camera throughout the whole animation
- HD resolution

- cartoon style - simple lighting, no photo-realistic renderings.
- start of work in January 2021. deadline in mid-april 2021

We deliver:
- 7 character models in FBX. We can provide them rigged for Maya if necessary
- environment and props models (buildings, props, simple vegetation).

We prefer cooperation in Maya and final animation assembly in Unity environment - but we are open for other workflow suggestions.

Are you currently available to undertake this kind of cooperation? If so, under what conditions? What would be your budget requirements for this kind of project?

If you are interested please send us an email at [email protected]

Best Regards!
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