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Starting a blog with tips and tricks (free golden rule shapes fbx)

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Larry greentooth
Hey guys, I love how the 3d community shares knowledge so freely, so I wanted to contribute a bit to that as well.

So I started a new blog on tips and tricks I learn as a 3d modeler,ranging from newbie stuff to more advanced (I hope) as I progress my perspective. I'll be mostly adding the "turning/key points" in improving. It's not about about modeling or texturing techniques (mostly), as I'm not great in either and I'm sure there are many good tutorials out there, but more in artistic stuff, like taking decisions, establishing ground rules for colors, observation, lighting etc. I hope to help other fellow artists struggling with the same issues as I did! 😅 

Please note i'm not a professional in the industry so filter the info yourselves, it's just things that I "saw" and made me improve, and might not work for you too!

In this first post I talk about shapes, forms, golden ratio, negative shapes and shape psychology! In the end I have an FBX file with the golden rule shapes, ready to import in any project!

Cheers, and have a nice day!

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