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Best level design / set decorator tutorials

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Fisher007 polycounter lvl 8

I'm looking for level design / set decorator tutorials for a friend who is just starting with Unreal Engine. I know I have seen plenty of high quality ones, but because I haven't been actively consuming them for plenty of years now, I don't really save them anymore. I tried to do a quick search and I know there are dozens, if not hundreds of them, but my problem is -and I hope I won't sound harsh-, they are mediocre at best. I have a feeling that the vast majority of them are produced by knowledgeable intermediate level artists and I'm hoping to find something that is from someone who is truly the master of the field. Also, I have some vague memories of such quality content being on Gumroad, but it seems there is no main page for it. So you can only find content creators if you know directly their name or address to their page or am I missing something?

I would be super grateful if someone knew such level of content and would share with me!


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