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3DS Max, textool plugin, Texel Density, value.

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corthus polycounter lvl 2
Hello :). Is there anyone here, who uses the textool plugin and can explain some option in this plugin? I don't understand, how texel density works, or rather the units that are given in textool. I have an object and when I click to have the program take texel desnity from my model, I get the following numbers: texture size in pix square = 404, and padding size in pixel: 2688. I wonder if I don't understand something or if I am doing something wrong. Following on from this post, https://www.artstation.com/artwork/qbOqP
The values I have given, are close to 4K(40,48px/cm) resolution or are they higher or lower? How should I interpret the two values ​​that textool gives me?


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