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[Paid] Digital Shamans - UE5 Senior Environment Artist (Contract

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We’re excited about the fact that our team is growing and about possibility to list these work opportunities for UE5 Senior Environment Artist.

We hope to attract unique talents and skillsets honed by hours and hours of beating on our craft.

About The Company:

Digital Shamans are professional video game developers and freelance artists, whose common passion is creating art for video games.

We form an outsourcing studio to help developers make their games faster, while raising artistic, emotional and production value.

We concept design and create fully functional, performance friendly 3d game assets and environments.
Also providing assistance in game development itself, accessing project repositories and work in game engines.

In our core is a small, collaborative, quality and self-development oriented savvy team, which consists of both game dev veterans and bold young artists.

We stand strongly about work-life balance and create a bubble of working environment where respect, appreciation and understanding are essential and decisions are being made in respect of our established values.

Nothing done well is insignificant.

About The Role:

As a Senior Environment Artist Digital Shaman, you will be working remotely on a fixed term contract in a very flexible and dynamically developing start-up team.
Responsibilities often change in a fast-paced environment like ours, so this role includes, but is not limited to, the following:  

  • Collaboratively creating interesting and believable 3D environments of high artistic value, by assisting external and internal teams.
  • Taking ownership for the environments and assets until finally approved. Knowing and expressing production needs.
  • Working collaboratively and independently with 3d artists, art director, project manager, concept design and level design.
  • Creating art in a variety of art styles; from realistic ones, through stylized fantasy up to sci-fi/Cyberpunk.
  • Contributing to developing studio working practices, improving team pipelines, artists' workflows and maintaining integrity of our studio culture.
  • As a Senior Artist, guiding less experienced team members by sharing your experience, expertise and inspiring other team members by setting the right example.
  • Co-designing and creating a variety of assets ranging from organics to hard-surface.
  • Creating assets and environments in a variety of art styles and ranging from organics to hard-surface.
  • Occasionally creating style guides, and technical guides to help communicate workflow and practices, as well as artistic expertise.
  • Enriching and maintaining overall visual game design, creating interesting and believable environments or assets within technical constraints.
  • Collaborating with level design to achieve emotional content for players.

Skills & Requirements:

  • Skills representing 5+ years of professional experience as an Environment Artist and portfolio supporting that.
  • Growth mindset. Critical and independent thinking.
  • At least one game released on Unreal 5 and three overall.
  • Experience working in both environments, office studio and home freelance.
  • Self-motivated, independent, and has proven ability to self-manage and meet deadlines.
  • Strong foundation of art skills.
  • Understanding of composition, form, color and light in relation to crafting environments.
  • Understanding what makes the environment interesting, believable and appealing.
  • Great sense of spatial relations, structural logic, colors, composition, purpose, form and styles.
  • Proficiency and experience with the whole environment art content creation process. Based either on references or concepts. Mainly in "Substance", but also photogrammetry, Mega Scans  or hand painted pipelines.
  • Strong narrative and environmental storytelling skills with regards to set dressing and world building.
  • Strong understanding of modular workflows as it relates to architectural assembly and asset creation.
  • Experience with and strong understanding of current generation production pipelines and workflows.
  • Understanding level design requirements and meaning of gameplay and storytelling in environment creation.
  • Vast experience with game art creation within Unreal 5, including blueprints.
  • Understanding of the importance of communication and collaborative problem-solving skills.
  • Will to take on challenges requiring personal development.
  • Ability to provide clear and consistent feedback and critique based on art direction and any technical considerations.
  • Good organisational skills and assertiveness. Good tasks and time management.
  • Ability to prioritise and execute ideas within a time schedule or other production requirements.
  • High level of creativity and independence with little oversight.
  • Proven ability to manage scope of work, work with the bigger picture in mind and meet deadlines.

Additional Information:

Rare opportunity to take a part in shaping working practices and your own way of working environment.
Huge flexibility in choosing exact responsibilities at the early stage of team formation.
Super friendly small working environment of passionate creative people who have a growth mindset and approach others through understanding.
Flexible working hours.
We encourage and support continuous professional and personal development, around which our working culture is revolving.

How to Apply?

Please apply by sending your application on the address: [email protected]

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