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[3DSMAX] How to make guardrails like these?

Hey guys, first post here!
Probably a very newbie question, but I would really like to know how can I make guardrails like these.

I noticed that it is just one object and it is repeated inside a spline (I think). I tried to do this using PathDeformWSM but the object simply "deforms" it too much

So I tried to use the Spacing Tool, but the problem is that the objects don't connect the ends to each other, the same happens if I use position constraints. I could move the ends on my own, but it would take too much time to do it on various guardrails, so I think that would not be a good solution :/

I also tried using the Railing tool but it does not make all other guardrails the same size.

Note: I'm using 3ds Max 2010


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