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Learning Blender - A 2 hour long step by step beginners Tutorial for 3D Artists

Hi everyone and happy new year! 

It's been a while but today I am happy to share with you the 2 hour and step by step Blender beginners tutorial


All the way from basic navigation, setting up shortcuts, installing and mastering free and useful plugins, modifiers, tools over to modelling a 20mm Vulcan cannon round at the end to make it worthwhile to sit through the 2 hours. Oh and as well as making a render for it. 📸✨

If you are coming from 3ds Max like I did then you will find a few comparisons and references I make to it. Now that this beginners introduction is done you can expect more tutorials to come out in the future. All relevant links at the bottom of the YouTube description. 🙂

Cheers, Tim

P.S.. Join the ChamferZone Discord where beginners and professionals come together. 

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