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ZION concept art

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Hi guys heres a project I been working on for the past months called ZION i have included all my thinking process and influence.
hope you guys enjoy please follow me for more updated projects

Time Period:
Year 3050 earth has been run down by famine, pollution, and war and has entered a post apocalyptic era.
Earth is scarce from the the main elements that pertains to providing life, Oxygen, Iron,Silicone, and the rarest one being (AT) Astatine.
The most elite warriors from earth are confronted by another race known as the GOLIATHS from another planet in search for for the rarest element earth has to provide, this other race plans an invasion to overtake earth Rarest element. Without this element their planet won't be able to survive.
The human race lives in a temple called ZION, The name derives from specific hill in Jerusalem (Mount Zion) Mount Zion held the Jebusite fortress of the same name that was conquered by David and was re-named the City of David. These human ancestors are from old earth, and have lineage coming from NAVY SEALS, GREEN BERET , SAS, all elite forces combined in human history. These soldier s main goal is to protect earth elements in order to sustain life.
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