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[PAID] Senior Animator with experience working with Unreal Engine and Animation Blueprints

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Fisher007 polycounter lvl 7

We are looking for a SENIOR LEVEL animator who is experienced in Unreal Engine's Animation Blueprint system to work with us. We have been working on various VR projects, mainly for entertainment. With one of our current project, we are recreating a major historical event in VR. The current project runs from January until April, the collaboration can be part time or full time, and if it's fruitful then we are open for long term plans. We are based in Hungary, Central Europe.

Required skills:
-Creating animations by hand
-Cleaning Mocap data
-Preparing animations to be used in Unreal Engine
-Creating Animation Blueprints

-Rigging experience
-Experience with indie level Mocap suits (Xsens, Rokoko)

Contact me in PM with an attached portfolio that showcase the required skills.

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