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[Marvelous Designer] Bed cover - Gap when folding


I have a hard time figuring out how to eliminate the space (see image) when I fold my bed cover.
I tried all properties available but nothing seems to work. :/ And i can't put negative thickness collision.

As you can see. When renderer, this gap appears really odd.

If you can guide me it will be really appreciated
Have a nice day,


  • birb
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    What's the size of that bed and patterns? Marvelous tries to be physically accurate; if they're just centimeters long you'll have issues.

    Also, you mentioned thickness collision but just to check the entire list, you'll want to take a look at:

    1. Added Thickness - Collision of all patterns involved
    2. Skin offset of avatars
    3. Fabric properties—try a less stiff one
    4. Thickness of fabric (enabling thick texture to be sure)
    5. Failing that, particle distance since they influence how well a fabric can fold
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