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[Paid] Technical Artist Mentor

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Noth polycounter lvl 13
Hey there. Looking for a senior level technical artist that I can contact periodically to get help with certain things as I continue to broaden my skillset from 3D artist generalist, to technical artist. Currently I'm learning C# for Unity, and have been working with Amplify Shader Editor for about two years, but am at the point where it's hard to google things, I find at least.

Payment structure: Single payment of hourly rate would equal 60 minutes for the month, which would be plenty for the odd question here and there.

Contact method: Discord is preferable, via PM or if needed set up a quick call on Discord.

Payment: Paypal

If this sounds like something you're interested in, PM me on here a bit about your background XP and hourly rate, cheers.

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