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2D/3D Environment Artists for Emberheart project to create content for mod kit and official levels

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First of all a happy new year to everyone! With the new year comes the expansion of the Emberheart team!


Here’s what we’re looking for:


Are you a skilled 2D or 3D environment artist that can handle a in between realistic and stylized artstyle?

Are you tired of joining royalty projects that don’t make it after months of work?

Are you looking for royalty projects or want to build your portfolio?

Are you tired of unstructured projects where the team leads don’t know what they are doing?

Are you highly motivated and hard working towards your goals?

Do you have a passion for Games and gamedev in an RPG genre?

(In case of 3D artist) Do you have knowledge about software such as Blender, Maya, 3DSmax, World machine, Substance painter, Quixel Suite?


We need you!


Emberheart is a far progressed project that has been in development for 4 years by me as solo developer. In the last couple of months I started getting help from people to beef up the areas I don’t reach enough quality in. Emberheart is an Isometric ARPG/hack and slash game. We finished all 6 playable base classes. All the base functionality for a full blown ARPG is there, but we’re still expanding to increase the potential of the game! We are now working on multiplayer and just solved a huge roadblock, so at this point we can finally say that we will make multiplayer after all! The project and team is very structured, with a team lead with over 10 years experience in the indie game industry who is a jack of all trades and thus can manage the team in all areas.

Now… here’s the thing: The games graphics consist out of levels made with marketplace assets. And as we have been working on modding support, and a mod kit cannot include marketplace content, we are looking to make more custom art for the game, and especially for the mod kit, so that modders can easily make own levels for the game! We got 2 modular environments already to go in the mod kit.


We have a couple of valid funding options, but I want to make sure the game’s quality gets even higher before applying for funding/kickstarter. We also already had 3 publishers contact us who are interested in publishing the game! So there’s enough potential and enough interest among publishers and investors!

Being able to pay, and backwards paying people will be around May-June 2021. You get the option to get royalty or payment for work when we got funding with “backwards payment in case the project is successful enough or we got enough funding”.


What’s in it for you?

-          Build valuable team experience and build your portfolio with an impressive project

-          Get help from a team lead that is an environment artist himself and can help you grow

-          Gain points for completing tasks. Choose between royalty based on collected points. ( A % of my share after a publisher’s and investors share will be divided among the team members based on amount of points collected, more details in private conversations) or get paid once we secured funding with backwards payment for your efforts (backwards payment at a 50% rate of the value of the points). The choice is yours.


We are looking for individuals with a professional attitude. Please send your application in a professional manner including a motivation/cover letter, a resume and link to portfolio or work samples to [email protected]


If you need more info first you can add me on Discord!

Discord ID: RebelCampGames#5613

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