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3D Makehuman character

polycounter lvl 2
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projecthydra polycounter lvl 2

I created this 3D character in Makehuman and Autodesk Maya. It is fully rigged, including face rigs and contains Xgen hair. Took me over one month to create. Should I make tutorial how to make character like this? Would it be useful for someone?

I am also looking for any feedback. If you have any idea what could be better, let me know!



  • JohannesAg
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    JohannesAg greentooth
    well it´s hard to judge the quality of the rigging since the character is just lying there, so have no idea how far your rigging capabilities go.
    But in regards to the model I would suggest waiting until you are more advanced until you start making tutorials, there is still much you can improve on. It´s nice that you wanna help others but focus on your self to begin with.
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