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Hidden Forest Environment \\ Unreal Engine 4

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SuSo polycounter lvl 4
Hey everyone!

I would like to share this forest environment made whole by me.
This a personal project created to practise vegetation, light and composition.
Any feedback is welcome!

More photos, video and get materials: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/xJonzW

Thanks and have a good day! ^^


  • Ashervisalis
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    Ashervisalis godlike master sticky
    Cool scene! I like your materials, and I think your composition is decent. for composition, you have this windy path that leads my eye, but then my eye runs into a rock. I think the rock would be better moved to the side of the scene. Also, the canopy could work with the leading path a bit, but it feels like the leaves are right above my head and closing in on me. It also looks a bit procedural with the canopy right here. I wanna see what the building made of brick looks like, but your light is washing it out. I would also increase the SSS on the ground foliage, as right now it looks like all the back parts of the grass and such are black.

  • SuSo
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    SuSo polycounter lvl 4
    Hi @Ashervisalis !! Thanks for the reply

    Yeah, it could be better if i do that changes, i saved the feedback that you have given me, i really appreciate it to improve the scene and my skills.

    Thanks so much!
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