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Hologram Monster | Game art from AAA to stylized and mobile | Characters & Environments

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Heya! Hologram Monster here!
We are the game dev and the art outsource partner you were looking for!

Hologram Monster

Hologram Monster Ltd. is an independent Finnish game development and art outsource studio.

Company was founded in 2017 but we have a long history of working in games and have a vast knowledge of the latest workflows and can create the type of art you need from realistic AAA quality to lowpoly mobile art and stylized cartoony art.

Services and expertise
  • Stylized 3D art - Characters and Environments
  • AAA 3D art - Characters and Environments
  • Mobile 3D art - Characters and Environments
  • Cartoony 3D animations
  • Character design & Concept art
  • Cartoony Illustrations and Promo art
  • Competence in Unreal Engine & Unity
We have worked with both large studios and indie developers. So no matter the size of the project, don't hesitate to contact us!
[email protected]

Check out more examples here: https://hologrammonster.artstation.com/

- The Hologram Monster Team


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