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Looking for experience hard surface freelance artist for work in 3D printable sculpting

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Hey there everyone! First time on this forum. (Examples of the work we expect can be seen at the end of the post)

My name is Benny. I own a company called Arcane Minis. We specialize in 3D printable STL files for home 3D printers. Our hobby space is growing and we are looking at adding more sculptors to finish our rewards from our last Kickstarter campaign. 

We mainly do large 3D printable airships with playable interiors. I am looking to expand on our roster of sculptors in order to improve the flow of ships getting done and expanding our company. I have a handful of projects looking to get going now with a fairly generous budget between $1500 and $2500 for each ship (depending on the designs).

There is a bit of information you will need to know and follow before jumping on the project (like standardize doors inside the ships, ship wood planks we already have, model stands, etc). So there is a good amount of work already done for you (less brain power required) when it comes to things that are standardize between our ships.

I am looking to hire 2-3 new sculptors so whomever has the most experience and is the most interested in the project's look and feel, is who I'm looking to work with mainly! If you've received this message it means you've impressed me =D

If you're interested in working with us, please send me a message with links to your work and perhaps your email address and I can provide you with more information regarding concept artwork and the processes you will have to learn to work with designing ships with us.

Regards. Benny
Arcane Minis

A bit about the ships
The ships are made for our Kickstarter campaign "The Skies of Sordane". We have a handful more ships to design before we fully fulfil all of the stretch goal rewards. The ships are to be mainly used for RPG games (we also make miniatures and other things). We have created our own world to go hand in hand with these ships - known as Sordane. We have created a very large PDF supplement to go along with 5e d&d as well and each ship will be represented in there. If you're curious about the world further, let me know when you contact me and I can send you a copy of the PDF where you will be able to see a lot of art for our world for more inspiration beyond the ship concept art!

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