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Makoto - Sci FI Character

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akiratang polycounter lvl 8
Started this project a couple months back, glad I was able to finish her before the end of the year!

Was meant to start a thread earlier but I kind of forgot halfway into the project.. but nonetheless she's done! 

Original concept design is by an Artist name Tian zi, I think this might be a character from a game?
I am not sure exactly as it was all in Chinese and I wasn't able to find out what her name was in English, so I decided to name her Makoto at least for the time being.

Fun project overall as I love the bright colours and cyberpunk sorta style.
Modelled in Zbrush, Retopo in Topogun, Textured in Substance Painter and rendered in Marmoset.

66k Tris, 3 UV texture set (Head, Body and Accessories)


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