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[WIP] UE4 Environment - Cobra Crypt

Hey everyone! I'm a self-teaching environment art beginner and this is my first environment ever. I started learning the softwares with this environment, so I'm so open to any feedback on any topic. 
Softwares I use: Maya, ZBrush, Substance Painter, UE4, Photoshop (I also started learning Designer and SpeedTree but I can't use them yet.)
I used a modular approach to plan the scene and made a blockout first. Then I sculpted each small piece and baked individually for the sake of learning the process but I know I can use some tiling textures or trim sheets. Then I used the small modules to create larger modules. There are still placeholder models in the scene such as the trees and other greybox assets. Lighting isn't baked, it's dynamic. 
I'm currently learning how to create some tiling textures for landscape material and then I'm going to learn how to make foliage.
Like I said, I'm open to ANY feedback or suggestion that can help me improve. :)
Here are some work in progress:


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