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[Cyberpunk 2077] Konpeki plaza

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 The Night city turned out to be a rich and lively place, you can literally feel the hand-made details popping up in every square meter of the environment. Thousands of ideas are spread across the City all following the way of Cyberpunk. The city immerses you into a deep atmosphere, screaming how the technology, capable of taking us to the stars, has infected the very core of our life.
 I was responsible for creating quest locations, architectural sets modeling, setting up materials, creating texture masks, dressing objects, optimizing and polishing Night City spots

Environment artist: Timur Ozdoev
Art Director: Lucjan Więcek
Lead artist: Michał Janiszewski
Lighting: Poo Voon Kent
Special thanks to Javier Pintor, Bogna Gawronska, Marta Leydy

Pictures from the Artstation 


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