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I need critique on my animation quality

Ignore the fact that it's an MLP brony animation, that's not important. I've been animating for about 4, roughly 5 years, and I have always been trying to improve my skills and craft. I never asked for critique before because I always realize what I am lacking in, but at this point, I want outside opinions and thoughts. If you're a critic, If you're a professional, if you're a pupil of James Baxter, critique your heart away. Be as critical as you can be.


  • EVernier
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    Depends where you want to go. If you want to improve overall, work on overlapping action, follow through and secondary action. Some of the movement is too linear, but it looks to me like you understand timing and spacing, you just might not have taken the time to push it in every shot.

    If you want to focus on your YouTube channel, put most of your energy in Posing, Timing, Spacing and Composition. You'll get the biggest payoffs for the time : quality ratio

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