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Handpainted Wooden Plank Material - Stylized

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Hey all!

For the past 6 years or so I've been a 3D prop & Environment artist, however I'm looking to broaden my field and learn something new.

This being said, I've always had a strong fascination for stylized artwork and want to incorporate it into a personal project I'm working on.

This here is the first hand-painted material I've ever created. Now I know it's not perfect, with a whole lot of room for improvement but I'm pretty darn happy with my outcome for a first timer. 

You can find the post alongside a turntable through Artstation here - 


To do this, I used a greyscale technique painting in the shadows and highlights before adding colour. After this, I went back for refinement adding small details such as little indentations, cracks and scratches. This technique is something new to me, therefore I did have some struggles especially around knowing the correct balances of light to dark. Something admittedly I have never been too great at doing.

So now I'm here looking for criticism, things I can improve upon, what I've done well and what I've done wrong... You get the idea.

Thank you!

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