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Looking for commissions as a 3D Character/Asset artist

Hello! My name's Samuel Felix O.

I specialize in 3D Character and Asset modeling and I'm looking for a freelance job as an Anime or semi-realistic/stylized character modeler.
I am a fresh art school graduate and  have 5 years of Character and Asset modeling experience in Blender.

I can work in wide range of polycount, from lowpoly styles to highpoly ones, but I always optimize the model as much as possible to secure the best performance in realtime!

Unfortunately I cannot make hyper realistic characters and mainly focus on stylized ones.
I also can make models compatible with: Blender, Unity, UE and MMD

Here's an example of my work
If there's nothing that resembles the style you want it doesn't mean that I can't model it.

message me on https://twitter.com/samuelfelixo if you're interested!

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