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Need 3d Artists and Animators for 3d Action game, already have functioning codebase

I need artists or animators for a 3d action sword game.  I would also consider texture artists, or anyone who's quite knowledgeable about Unity graphics, especially shaders. Currently I'm programming the game and have an early but functioning codebase.  Here's an early video of the greyboxed prototype I have so far. Please excuse the human mannequins....

It's an early work in progress, but my codebase has already solved a lot of the hardest things about making a 3d action game and I feel quite confident that I can take care of the programming, considering I work as a Unity developer for medical research (I know that's different than games, but it still means that I spend every day learning to solve problems in Unity).  Currently my team is a programmer (me), a concept artist, and a weapons artist and it's time to start making this prototype look more like the final product.

I'm very realistic about this whole project - I realize that the vast majority of these rev-share indie projects fail, but I'm motivated and have consistently worked on this prototype for almost 2 years.  You don't have to be the absolute best if you join, you just need to be self-motivated and give regular feedback.   You also don't have to put 40+ hours a week into this. I have a day job too. I understand.  Progress just needs to at least be steady.  This has the potential to be a really cool project.   You can either reply here, or send an email to [email protected]
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