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[Finished-I stopped myself before I drown in petals]Florist

I woke up one morning wanting to create a floral shop, and I knew I wanted something bright and inviting with a stylised touch. It was kind of therapeutic but at some point I had to pull myself away from the project.

It was an interesting experience where I get to play around with how to texturise the flowers, the scene was modelled in Blender, and substance for painting textures.

Personally I'm not too sure about using the HDMI but I would appreciate some feedback/tips to get some constructive feedback as I am lost in petals already :p


  • JamesBrisnehan
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    JamesBrisnehan polycounter
    The models and materials all look pretty good. I think the lighting could use a bit more work though. The lighting doesn't match the sky outside too well. It looks clear, mid-day outside, but the soft desaturated lighting inside looks more like overcast type lighting to me and it sucks some of the life and color out of the scene. I think a brighter warmer directional light, and a skylight with more of a blue tint would match the sky texture outside better.
    Also, the reflections on the windows are very strange. I see what looks like a footbridge and a large white sphere reflected on the inside of the windows. I'm not sure what software you're using for lighting and rendering, but I think it would look better with either ray-traced reflections, screen-space reflections, or some type of reflection capture of the room itself.
  • simonBreumier
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    simonBreumier greentooth
    Nice work so far !
    The petals' material looks a bit plastic to me, maybe you should add a bit of subsurface scattering as natural petals usually let a bit of light through.
  • kaikiwong
    Thanks for the feedback~
    -I think I might have messed up the glass and I get what you're saying about the light...that's on me for being lazy and use a HDMI :D
    -The flowers are using painted texture with translucency and I think it works better with smaller blooms and I'll try your suggestion with the larger ones.

  • kaikiwong
    I've swapped the environment image into something cleaner and tweaked the glass a bit to get a "cleaner" effect overall.

  • Ashervisalis
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    Ashervisalis godlike master sticky
    I wouldn't really call this stylized. The scene looks like you're going for a more realistic nature. I think you can make your bevels a little bigger in the future. Cute shop :)
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