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[RELEASED] Boardgames Asset Pack - 3D Models

You can find the actual pack here --> https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/props/boardgames-asset-pack-183357

This pack contains a variety of boardgame assets and elements that are optimized for customization.

With this pack you can recreate or make your own boardgames and prototypes. Most elements can be customized in color and material, as well as having lower polycount variations for mobile or stylized artstyles. All assets have UV maps. There are also blank cards and tiles where you can put your own texture or text in.

This package contains the following:
  • 54 x Playing Cards
  • 18 x Chess pieces in low/mid/high-poly
  • 2 x Checkerboards
  • 14 x Dice in low/mid-poly
  • 28 x Domino pieces
  • 5 x Mikado Sticks
  • 3 x Checker pieces
  • 26 x Pawn pieces
  • 4 x Table Meshes
  • 8 x Customizable tiles
  • 3 x Coins
  • 8 x Money notes
  • 2 x Dice Cups
All models are between 46 and 2192 vertices and in FBX file format.

Textures vary from 1024x1024 to 4096x2048. The hdr included in the pack is from HDRIhaven.

Screenshots taken with post-processing. Most Items have box colliders or mesh colliders.

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