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[RELEASED] Low Poly Historic Ships - 3D Models

You can find the actual pack here --> https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/props/low-poly-historic-ships-180657

A set of 4 low poly historical ships with adjustable sails, including a prop set.
This package contains the following:
  • 4 x Ships with blendshapes added to open/close sails
  • 2 x Barrels
  • 3 x Crates
  • 3 x Rocks
  • 7 x Planks
  • 2 x Trees
  • 2 x Cannons
  • 2 x Cannonballs
  • 1 x Sand heap
2048x2048 textures and FBX models.
All models are between 32 and 3808 triangles.

Screenshots taken with post-process.
Some of the prefabs might not contain LOD setup or adequate colliders.

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