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~ [WIP] The Gate ~

Hey everyone, I'm starting a new personal project, The Gate! I'm working off of Jenny Brozek's concept (with permission of course!) that she made for The Box of Mystery Challenge on Artstation. You can find her concepts here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/Aq98zV
I'm open to any feedback from the community as I work on this project!

I've made a blockout so far in Maya:

I kinda threw in some extra floating rocks for fun! Here's some other views:

I found some inconsistencies with the different orthographic views in the concepts, so I tried to approximate between all of them so it still all made sense in 3D space.

Next up, I made a sort of (messy af) ID mask paint over to figure out how many materials I'd be needing for this project. I have 12 so far, not including the portal, small vine vegetation and water. I might do animated textures for them, or possibly use UE4's Niagara.
The ID's are:
Red = tree wood, yellow = split looking stylized wood, purple = bronze ornaments, violet = roof tiles, pink = stone bricks, orange = metal, cyan = plaster, bright green = tree foliage, deep purple = cracked dial stones, blue = grass, and finally deep blue = ground rocks / ground stones.

Quite a lot to get through! I'll be getting into some trim sheets for the yellow and pink IDs (stone and split wood) next.
I'm hoping to get this project done in 5-6 weeks, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated! 
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