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Bob's Burgers Mega Project

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AllyAlbon interpolator
I started the blockout in early 2020 with full intention of completing this year, but we all know how that went. My goal is to complete it in 2021. I really like the early block in stages, so full of promise and excitement, before I start to hate that I tackle such big projects!

One of my absolute favourite tv shows for so many reasons. It is so nuanced, very funny, and so beautifully designed. The musical numbers are superb sometimes!

Starting on a particular character's bedroom, because I totally was her in school. Except replace ponies with dragons, and I was less interested in boys' butts.


  • JamesBrisnehan
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    JamesBrisnehan polycounter
    The layout looks pretty good compared to the images I just looked up for Tina's room on Google. I'm curious, are you aiming for realistic, stylized, or cartoony for the final aesthetic?
  • AllyAlbon
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    AllyAlbon interpolator
    Hi James - I am planning on making it look as close to the show as possible!

    Ok, today's efforts! I have decided to block out the whole house before I jump into detailing, so I can get the layout to somewhere sensible.

    I have found that the house as it appears in the show, is impossible.  It's like Escher got in there for a time.  The area to the front of the building, in the kitchen, is technically impossible.  The staircase would be taking up too much of that space to make it useable, and also apparently the stairs down to the basement are there.  It can't be done!  So I played around until I had this version.  It's very frustrating having to veer away from the cartoon proportions, but there seems to be no other way.

    I moved the stairs beyond the main house, which will make the building a lot wider than it appears in the cartoon, however I will cheat and make the attic/roof taller to compensate.
    Good thing I like large projects!

  • rollin
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    rollin polycounter
    Great idea! Looking forward to more :)
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