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Normal map hard surface issue when imported to Marmoset but there was no problem is Substance

Hello, i was wondering if anyone could help me, for my project i have had to do a bake down of this naval cannon, along with adding additional normal information, which I've done by adding hard surfaces to my model in substance painter. everything has been fine up to the point of now importing it into marmoset toolbag. but when I've done this, these outlines from the hard surfaces have appeared, i tried everything and also tried seeing if rubbing out the excess parts of the hard surfaces would do anything, but nothing has worked and I'm now stuck and confused as to why it's not working. could somebody help me, please? I am new to both substance painter and marmoset, so if there is any technical language or steps, i might need them to be a bit simpler for me like steps  =)

Marmoset :

Substance painter:


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