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Sculpting Project - Humanoid Monster Aquatic Based (Nudity Content)

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np1094 polycounter lvl 5
One of the sculpting project portfolio piece I am working on. Currently at the block out/secondary detail stage, I plan to have a game ready model for this. 
Original concept. This is something I took of pinterest (or maybe google, I forgot). I will look up the author to give him proper credit, but if any gentleman and lady know who is the author it would help me a lot. I think it is base on a shark base on the small picture in the corner.

Early progress

 Here is the current progress of my sculpt, I made some adjustment to his head to make him look more menacing. As well as some changes to his overall proportions, make him look heavier and the sack underneath his chin is now something he used to store toxic water/poison so he can shoot it out like an octopus or a snake.
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