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[WIP] Low Poly CZ-75B Handgun

I'm working on a game project prototype, and I'm currently making some placeholder guns. I've been 3D modeling on-off for around 4 years now, but it's only recently I decided to double down and make it a habit. Since I plan to release this game, and the people are going to see my models, I thought it was a good idea to make an account here and get some feedback.

This is my attempt at making the CZ-75B handgun. The models below are the low poly versions, which I'm going to make a hi poly for, then bake a normal map and export to Substance Painter. Before I move on to the high poly, I wanted to get some critique for the base model. Just by looking at the photos, I can see that there are areas that need work.

Hammer and rear sights

I kinda dislike how the curved area above the trigger guard turned out.

There are a lot of details missing (like the diamond pattern on the grip) which I'll add during the high poly stage. Any advice/critisism you have to offer is welcome!


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