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[WIP] Feedback Request for Personal Project, Chinese Diorama

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(Block-out with character scale)

Hi everyone, I am Aukje! I'm a 4th your Game Art Student. I have finally decided to make what I am most passionate about!
Which is Stylized/hand-painted 3D, Fantasy theme, Lush vegetation and Color!

The Diorama 
that I am currently working on, is supposed to be a small snapshot of a Chinese Hangzhou courtyard garden

So far I have done a lot of research and I have finished my first block-out version.
My next step is to light the block-out in Unreal Engine.
After that I will do a paint over to clarify the actual color, the smaller vegetation, the actual detail of shapes and much more that is not clear from looking at a 3D block-out.

The proportions of my scene are stylized proportions based on a character scale that I've used to match it (I have included a picture of the character scale being present as well).
I intent to use a procedural stylized texture base in Substance painter and I will paint over this by hand.
I will also use ZBrush for sculpting structural detail.

I focused a lot on the composition as I created this block-out, I intent to lead the eye of the viewer to the pavilion building. 
I tried to do that with the stairs leading up to it and the other surroundings, like the plum blossom tree.
The color palette is limited and it mostly consists of pinks and greens.
I intent to lead the viewers eye up with the color as well. by transitioning the pinks in the flowers towards the red in the pavilion.

Please give me as much as you can, it is very helpful and greatly appreciated! :)<3


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