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Blender - bevel only applying to some of my edges

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towser polycounter lvl 3
Hi - apologies if the answer to this is obvious but I'm a newbie and still learning :-).

I can't for the life of me figure out why these edges marked in the screenshot aren't bevelling at the same time as the others. I tried adding supporting edges but that didn't do the trick. Is it their angle? I made sure all the edges were selected but some are receiving the bevel and other not.

I would love to know what I need to do to get these to bevel like the others so any advice/help/guidance would be hugely appreciated.



  • AndySC
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    AndySC polycounter lvl 5
    A couple of things spring to mind.
    Is object scale applied? If your object is stretched/scaled the mesh tools will reflect this.
    Are all the verts and edges joined? Any internal edges/faces? And probably not in this case, but are all your faces facing the right way?
    Looks ideal you don't have Clamp Overlap selected so it shouldn't be other edges getting in the way.
    Edit: It may just be for your screenshot, but those edges aren't selected, select them and try the bevel tool again. 
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