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Concept Artist looking for a fulltime position (it's pandemic, so to start with remote is okay)

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Hello everyone,

I'm Michelle a gameartist/concepartist who has worked in the industry - mostly indie - for around 7 years and still counting.
Currently looking for a fulltime studio opportunities. I'm from south east asia but willing to relocate. Preferably to EU area but currently open to any possibilities.
I'm aware this is pandemic time so to start with working remotely until travel/actual relocation is possible again is understandable.

And I understand this is a difficult time for jobsearch, so in the meanwhile I'm also open to any commission or any freelance work.

Here's where you can browse some of my work :

Contact and any further details can be found there.
Thank you so much for your attention and consideration.
Hope to hear from potential studio soon.


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