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The First Snow [UE4 - Finished]

Hello everyone!
Here's my latest ue4 scene based on the topic "The First Snow"! The scene is made in Unreal Engine 4. I made the initial concept in Blender, which I later exported in Unreal as a blockout.

--- Original post / WIP ---

I'm currently working on an environment piece as part of my university assignment. The topic for the assignment is "First Snow". I've already created a 3d concept that I'm basing my work on and currently I'm working on making the actual assets, materials, and building the scene.

Here's my initial concept made in Blender:
After that I exported the blockout to unreal engine

And this is my current state of work. I'm planning to add vegetation next, and then I'll start doing the props. I'll also do a second pass on the existing assets, polish them more, etc. I'm especially unhappy right now with the snowy ground, but I need to think how I can make it better.


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