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How to blend building assets with the ground so as to look natural?

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mhuang97 polycounter lvl 4
I'm working on a map for a VR tank-based combat game, and am trying to blend building assets with the ground (sand and concrete) so as to not look unnatural/just plopped into the scene.

I've used sand/grunge/dirt decals (as shown in the pic) to try to achieve this but decals can only do so much, and they are also impacting performance quite a bit. I've read something about chaulk (the white stuff that's sprayed from a can in between 2 pieces of concrete) but I'm not sure how to achieve this on such a large scale.

Any tips/ideas/advice would be greatly appreciated!


  • shabba
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    shabba polycounter lvl 13
    I'd try using some things like:
    - smaller scale assets to break up the straight lines of the footprint/foundation intersecting the terrain, as few of those as possible 
    - projected decals to tie the building into the base terrain
    - transition specific assets like dirt/debris/leaves etc that are meant to be the 45deg mesh between a wall and the ground - just be sure to LOD them out fast at distance

    Hope some of these help you!
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