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[UE4] [WIP] Ryokan

polycounter lvl 3
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Cattus polycounter lvl 3
A Japanese styled environment I've been working for a few days. Looking forward for critique on the proportions and composition 


  • shabba
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    shabba polycounter lvl 11
    are you trying to draw the attention to the rock centerpiece? 
    - i'd remove or tone down significantly the light in the middle double doors/center, and 2nd story room, and consider having your occupants be in another part of the structure, for lighting and contrast. Currently the lights draw my eye first
    - consider playing with the heights and shapes of the trees on the right, orienting them or changing their shape language/species so they have a leading line to the rock element (or whatever your focal is) They are currently the same height, with pillowy shapes, when they could be used to strengthen your composition
    - add in some foreground elements into your shots that you can blur with dof - post/railing, veg, roof overhang/hanging lamp, etc
    - if you can add asymmetry to your structure you can have more options for composition
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