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High to Low Poly - Transfer Maps issue

Hi everyone!
I hope someone out there may know how to solve this! I'm facing an issue while trying to bake a high poly to a low poly in Maya 2020.2. I tried to use the Transfer Maps and output a Normal Map, but everytime I bake the UVs seams and the edges become visible on the low poly - screenshot attached.
Both my high and low poly have only 1 UVs set, both have the same UVs, the transformations freezed, the history deleted... And since I was sculpting in ZBrush, I tried to use also other versions of the same model with other subdivisions levels, but the same thing still happened.
I tried different settings for the Transfer Maps (the pic included is for the settings I used for the screenshot). I tried to change the target meshes>display to 'envelope' instead of 'mesh', and moved around all the parameters, but it keeps baking the edges and UVs seams.
Anyone out there knows why this happens?? Is it a problem with my mesh or is it something related to the settings of the transfer Maps?
I'm a bit at loss with this, so any help will be really appreciated!


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