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EDISON Venture Mk I Suit - Star Citizen Fan Art

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reignbeox polycounter lvl 4
Took me a while. Mainly because I insisted on doing an original design.
Bad idea in retrospect but I'm quite proud of the end result.
Thanks for the feedback from all the people and communities over the past few months, especially the harsh feedback.
Really took me a while to get a feel for Star Citizens armor/suit design, but I think I got pretty close.

It's an explorer suit designed for a female body.
Marmoset Toolbag viewer here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/g2yD0x
Documented my approach and thoughts with an Artstation blog for the curious.

PS: Yes I know the texture is not as roughed up and used as what we are used to in the gaming but I would really rather have a "factory new" than a "battle-scarred" you know?

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