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Dragons Dinner.

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RipNic polycounter lvl 11
Hi folks.
I have begun drawing again after a long time and yesterday I started to sketch an idea.
Posted it on social media and got some feedback.
I have made 2 versions of it and trying to make something that looks interesting.

I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions.
Atm, I'm just in the sketching phase.

The core idea is.
A fat dragon who stole/ ate some sheep belonging to a sheepherder who is mad at the dragon.

I have created some additional images to help you out in terms of mood, refs, etc
The only thing I haven't decided yet is what style I should go for.
At first, I thought of doing a stylized painting, but now I'm more leaning toward a comic approach, what do you think?

Thanks in advance for all the suggestions and feedback.


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