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Milk Run - Shadowrun fanart

polycounter lvl 7
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masslove polycounter lvl 7
Hey! Here’s my entry for #StylizedBustChallenge on sketchfab!

It’s a “Shadowrun: Hong Kong” fanart, stuffed with some cyberpunk and 90s references, because i'm awful at character design ;)
I know, her textures are mediocre at best, and later I’m planning to polish and add more features - but I’m still glad i fit into deadline!
Hope you're all safe and sound, and have a nice day!

UPD: had to tear her down and start over, scroll down to see what came out


  • masslove
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    masslove polycounter lvl 7
    Updated her
    Now she's properly handpainted and animated!

    I planned her to be a Sketchfab diorama, with sound and animations - come check her out

    Closeup portrait

    Maps are 2K for girl and 512 for pistol

    Painting steps breakdown, never used this approach before, I used to paint over hipoly bakes

    I'm totally into Advanced Skeleton, great tool for learning and faking animator skills!

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