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[PAID] Looking for 3D Modeler to Build Low Poly Environment for Game

We are looking for a 3D artist who can build up a low poly 3D environment for our upcoming multiplayer strategy game. The game has an Eastern/Chinese aesthetic in a mountainous setting. Attached below is a screenshot of how the prototype currently looks. We are looking for a modeler who can build out a polished version of the environment and towers.

- Artist should provide the master file (.max, .blend) as well as the textures (if applicable) in addition to the model itself.
- Models should be low poly (exact triangle count to be determined)

- Some experience with Unity, or willing to learn to use Unity. The process will be much easier if the modeler can directly update the game with their new models to see how it looks.
- Good with colors and lighting. We are experimenting with lighting and coloring, so an artist with experience in these regards will be great.
- Available for calls. The process will be much smoother if we can call to discuss model prototypes, instead of only communicating through email. 
- Experience modeling landscapes and knowledge of Chinese architecture / terrain.

- Total project budget: $1,000
- $20 - $80 per model, depending on the model. The current plan is that models will be untextured. If the model is textured, we'll update the budget accordingly.

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