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Mattrobe polycounter lvl 5
Progressive screenshots on the design work, showing process, progress and any critique corrections I come across :) 

Very early starting process just blocking in some hybrid meshes so far, following a planning process.


  • Mattrobe
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    Mattrobe polycounter lvl 5

    Starting to populate the environment, I am planning on blocking out some more vegetation in the scene and hope to get the rock mountain shapes. 

    I'm going for a ww2 sniper tower lead up like in Sniper elite games by rebellion studios. so nice scenery great view etc. I'm planning on adding ww2 assets to fill the scene following reference. 

    Taking reference from the sniper elite games aswell.
    every asset atm is in blockout form so will be changed once i have nailed composition, lighting and placement of the assets. 

    Any feedback on composition and any advice on how to move forward would be greatly appreciated :) 
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