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Blender Problem with Material/Texture

Hello everyone! I'm pretty newbie in 3D but I'm fast learner.
Currently I'm learning pipeline for game assets: ZBrush -> Blender -> Substance Painter -> Unity5
This is the first asset i created, trying to complete whole pipeline and get some "game rdy" asset.

I created High Poly mesh, decimated it, Remeshed in ZBrush and UV unwraped, than exported both separately. After that I baked maps in Substance and painted my maps.

When i exported from Substance and imported in Blender I got weird problem. I see my mesh in Solid Preview, but when i try to switch to Material Preview or Rendered my mesh get transparent and i can't apply any material to it.

In Unity there is linked baseMat material that don't accept any maps. When I create new material, add maps to it and apply to mesh it renders it properly.

My mesh is open, because it is some background cliff. Maybe that is the problem?

I will link to .obj file of low poly mesh if someone want to check out and helps. I would really appreciate that!

Thanks in advace!

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