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Help with materials and background

I designed, modeled and animated a transforming sci-fi turret. I was proud, but then I realized it's just a gray object floating in the void.
I don't know how to tackle colors or the background. And I want to make something that doesn't look too basic that would detract from the turret, nor do I want to spend too much time making some elaborate background.


  • Notink
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    My advice would be first to try to imagine in what kind of situation this takes place. For example, if it's in the middle of a battleship in space, the lights and the color palette will be different than if it is an abandoned ship in a jungle on a foreign planet. This will help you determine the mood and the type of textures and colors that you can use. Moreover, when you are doing textures, one thing that really help is to add imperfections and damages. I hope that it will help you!
  • HeatherLNunnelly
    Well are you trying to highlight the turret? If so, maybe focus on it more and zoom in. Adding a bunch of background may not really be necessary. Especially since your turret is stylized.
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